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The Church of God believes the following statements, for more insight see the Church of God Literature page for a complete Doctrinal booklet and pamphlets on specific subjects.
DOCTRINE shall in all cases be according to the Holy Bible, and inasmuch as the Scriptures clearly teach the following points of doctrine, the same are listed as essentials of our faith:

1. The Bible, Old and New Testaments, is inspired as no other writing is, and is complete, infallible and expresses God's complete will to man.

2. The Eternal One in Heaven is the Creator of the heaven, the earth, the sea and all that is therein. He is our heavenly Father.

3. God is unchangeable. He does not change His Commandments or His will for man. He is perfect in all His ways.

4. That Jesus of Nazareth is the only begotten son of God. A virgin shall conceive by the power of God, and bear a son, who is our Lord, Christ and redeemer. Jesus was with God at the beginning of creation. He is the firstborn of all things created by God.

5. Jesus proved He is the Messiah by remaining in the tomb exactly "three days and three nights,"

6. That the Holy Spirit is the comforter, which abides in the believer and is manifest by gifts. The indwelling and birth of the Holy Spirit is necessary in order for the body to be resurrected and the living to be changed at the first phase of Christ's Second Coming.

7. That we stand opposed to the jabbering called, "speaking in tongues." That the true speaking in tongues is very understandable and translatable languages and that God will give the gift of tongues or languages not as the evidence of the Holy Spirit, but rather to those who have the Spirit when he deems it necessary.

8. That Satan is a personality and before he became the devil he was an anointed angel called Lucifer. His pride was lifted up and he was cast out of heaven. That as the Devil he is the adversary of God and of all the Children of God.

9. That man was created perfect originally, but through disobedience fell, bringing imperfection, death and God's wrath upon mankind.

10. That the Christian life must be patterned after the perfect man, Christ Jesus. That each member strives to give himself as a living sacrifice; that each one lives his life in opposition to worldliness so that the Body of Christ - the Church may be clean, unspotted and separate from the world.

11. That the congregation be recognized as the Congregation of God as exampled by the Apostles. The organization and government of the Assembly be as "God did set" it. The head of the Assemblies of God is Jesus the Christ. He is also the foudation and corner stone of this body having purchased it with His own blood, then Apostles; Prophets; later the Seven were added, as needed, to take care of the business of the Church.

12. The only safe and trustworthy religion is that which is personally experienced by the baptized and totally regenerated individual through the power of the Holy Spirit, is the only safe one to trust.

13. One must repentant from sin, and that conversion is essential to salvation and receiving eternal life through baptism.

14. That baptism is by full immersion, for the remission of sins, typical of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is performed in the name, Lord Jesus the Christ, which is the name that represents the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. After the immersion, hands should be laid on the candidate by the minister (or ministers) for the reception of the Holy Spirit.

15. The people of God shall be sanctified.

16. That there is power to produce in the prayer of the righteous.

17. That the calling of the elder or elders, and “laying on of hands”, with the prayer of faith, and anointing with oil shall save the sick.

18. That the Lord's Supper is to be observed annually, as the Lord Jesus exampled to us, at the beginning of the 14th day of the first month Abib as stated by the Lord in Exodus 12:2, 18; 13:4, 9-10. The Lord's Supper is to be a perpetual statute until fulfilled in the kingdom of God. Jesus Christ became the Passover and was slain on the same 14th day of the first month on Calvary.

19. The Lord’s Supper consist of, first the foot washing, a lesson in humility, second the breaking of unleavened bread, a remembrance of the Lord’s body, third the taking of the fruit of the vine, the Lord’s blood shed for mankind. This is the order in which Jesus put it at His Last Supper.

20. We observe Saturday the seventh day of the week, from even to even, as the Sabbath of the Lord our God.

21. That the paying of the tithe (a tenth) of all increase is an example for a faithful giver.

22. That we stand opposed to participation in carnal warfare, abortion, or the taking of any life. He who uses the sword will also be killed by the sword.

23. The Bible teaches the eating of clean meats, but the eating of unclean meats is an abomination to God.

24. Man's body is the Temple of God. Partaking in the use of intoxicating liquors, alcoholic stimulants, narcotics, tobacco and any habit forming drug is contrary to the nature of man.

25. Cutting and marking of the body is an abomination to the Lord.

26. The lot system is the Biblical method for choosing officers from the general body down to the local congregation. God is in the disposition of the lot when His guidance is asked for with prayer.

27. That the perfection and continuation of the Law of God, the Ten Commandments, should be taught and adhered to. It is the perfect "law of liberty," it is "holy, just and good," and a "royal law."

28. That justification from sins is by faith through the Lord Jesus Christ alone.

29. That Jesus the Christ is the mediator. We are instructed to examine ourselves.

30. That Jesus Christ completed the atonement through his death on the cross.

31. That Christ's flesh (or body) which was crucified on the cross was the veil between. That when Jesus died on the cross the veil was rent in twain making the way into the holiest open to all the saints, through prayer, to come to God.

32. The dead are unconscious in their graves and immortality is conditional.

33. The message of the three angels of Rev 14:6-12 are of the everlasting Gospel, God’s judgment the apostate doctrines of Babylon and the Lord’s day message of Jesus return and the wrath of God has been preached since the days of the early church, and to the second coming of Jesus the Christ.

34. Babylon still exists in its teaching and place.

35. We are not to practice false worship.

36. That the return of Jesus the Christ is imminent, will be literal, and every eye shall see him.

37. The Bible teaches that the second coming of Jesus is in two phases (1) the Reaping Phase and (2) the Warring Phase.

38. That at the reaping phase the saints are caught up to the sea of glass to meet our lord Jesus in the air. This is the New Jerusalem which God the Father will, at the finish of all things, come to earth with.

39. The millennium is the time that Jesus will rule the earth as King of Kings and Lord of Lords with his Saints over the Nations that have come into the 1000 year reign.

40. That the New Jerusalem—The City of God—is the Bride of the Lord Jesus the Christ. The Saints are the invited guests to the marriage of the Lamb and adorn the City of God, with their righteousness.

41. That at the end of Christ’s thousand year reign Satan shall be loosed for a little season, and then be destroyed in the lake of fire. This is the time of the white throne judgment, and Jesus becomes in subjection to the father.

42. God has fulfilled his promise to earthly Israel by returning them to the Holy Land.

43. That the 144,000 of Revelations 7 and 14 are of the literal twelve tribes of Israel, being the firstfruits unto God and the lamb.

44. That the throne of David will be established at the earthly Jerusalem by Jesus Christ. David will be Israel's Prince. The Apostles will be judges over the twelve tribes of Israel. That the heathen (the nations), shall be the subjects of the universal kingdom.

45. That the spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus; which is the word of God.

46. Nothing is to be added or taken away from God’s Holy Word.

47. That the Word of God is not of any private interpretation.

48. That the Church of God stands opposed to divorce or remarriage for any cause except as recorded in Matt. 19: 9; Rom. 7:2

49. The act of homosexuality and misuse of the body is an abomination to God.

50. That there are two general resurrections, that of the righteous and of the wicked. The righteous will be raised to eternal life while the wicked are raised to final judgment and annihilation.

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