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The following pages contain pamphlets on the Church of God's doctrinal beliefs. Each of the following tracts will guide you on a Biblical tour of a specific subject, showing you how the Church of God has built our beliefs on plain scripture.The Church of God literature is created in pdf format or shipped to you free of charge. If you do not have acrobat reader click the 'Get Adobe Reader' link to the right to download the software for free.

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Click the cover image of any of the booklets shown below. This will open a details window with the title and a brief description about the booklet. You will see the following three buttons allowing you to receive the document in the format of your choice:

Book Buttonoffers a  ready to print, fold and staple version of the document by download.

Page Buttonoffers a ready to print or read on screen full page version of the document by download.

Order Buttonoffers a copy or multiple copies of the document for postal delivery anywhere in the world absolutely free. Alternatively you may e-mail us at Church of God orders and subscriptions with your name and complete mailing address or visit the Church of God online store here for a complete offering of printed materials.


Subject specific booklets


A Letter to E. G. White coverAdornment cover Americas Forgotten History cover Baptism by Water and the Spirit cover Christmas cover Come Out of Her My People cover Dating the Lords Supper cover Defense of the Sign of Jonah cover Evangelical Protestantism cover Gods Law cover Gods Word cover Gods Word on Homosexuality cover Has Time Been Lost cover Heaven or Earth cover How Long Was Jesus Dead cover Keeping the Old Path cover Our Christian Duty cover Revelation Chapter 1 cover Sabbath Day Yes or No cover Saul and the Witch of Endor cover Supporting the Church cover Feast Days Yes or No cover The Millenium cover The Number of the Beast cover The Resurrection cover The Second Coming cover The Three Most Misunderstood Scriptures cover The Trinity cover What Day Did God Sanctify cover What is the Holy Spirit cover Where Are the Dead cover


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